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i-SimRace Rules


You must be present at one of our locations to race.

Payment must be done with credit card only. You must show a valid I.D. at time of purchase matching your credit card.  If your name on credit card does not match your ID you will not be eligible to redeem the Grand Prix.

Practice Races DO NOT participate in the tournament and ARE NOT eligible to win the Grand Prix.


Registration times ARE NOT a reservation. These are the number of seats available for the rest of the day. Do not buy a future race time if you are not present on location at the selected time. If you buy a seat and do not show up for your selected time you will be pushed to the next available seat up to closing time. If there are no more seats available before closing time you may lose your registration and no refund will be offered.  

You must enter your legal name and valid email address.

If you win, your email will be used to claim the Grand Prix.

You must be at least 16 years of age to ride on our simulators.

​You must be older than 18 years of age to redeem the Grand Prix.

Racers younger than 18 years of age must be registered by an adult.

The accompanying adult will redeem the Grand Prix.

Prize eligibility is limited to only ONE prize per week. 

If you get a first place a third time during the same week, your lap time will not count towards the i-SimRace Grand Prix. 

Race week starts on Sundays.



Always follow the instructions of your Pit Lane Attendants.

If you get motion sickness,


If you do, it will be at your own risk.

Be careful when getting in and out of the simulator. 

Ask for help if needed.

Fasten your seatbelt.

Once you have your seatbelt on, the race will start.


Know your Steering wheel

You have 10 minutes to complete as many laps as you can.

Your best lap time will be kept on the leaderboard. 

You must complete clean laps.

Any dirty laps will be disqualified. 

Laps are considered “dirty”

when you crash the car,

when you drive in the opposite direction,

when you get off the track,

or when you cut curves. 

Driving Instructions:

Follow the track line as close as you can.





Start slowly on your first laps.

Increase your speed as you get used to the track.

Your goal is to make the fastest lap of the tournament to win.

i-SimRace Steering Wheel


Races can be set for daily, weekly or monthly tournaments.

Ask your Pit Lane Attendant what tournament you are racing on.

Keep an eye on our online leaderboard throughout the tournament.

If you are the winner of the tournament you will receive an email notification to redeem the Grand Prix.

You only have 7 days to redeem the Grand Prix.

 If you fail to redeem the Grand Prix in 7 days, the award will be cancelled and will be permanently lost.

If you have any questions or need to help contact us at

Good luck drivers!!

i-SimRace Trophy
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